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John Patrick Ryan

About John Ryan

About me

I became an attorney because I believe passionately in the Constitution of this great country.  If you are charged with a crime then you have rights.  Period.  


People died for those rights.  I'm a Navy veteran myself, and I didn't spend all that time on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf to live in a country where the DA just steamrolls all over American citizens.  


Your rights mean nothing if you don't exercise them.  I say stand on your rights.


It's never easy, but there's one thing I know for sure is that you gotta fight and fight hard.  I know how to manage criminal cases.  I know how to pick them apart way before we even get to court.  And when we do go to trial there are few better than me.  


I handle all criminal cases, including domestic violence, DUIs, drug cases, murder, robbery, you name it.  I also handle domestic violence restraining orders, contempt of court proceedings, and so forth.


I hope you never have to call me, but if you do, I'll have your back all the way.





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