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People v. D.S.

Practice Area: DUI and DWI

Outcome: DUI charges dismissed. No license suspension.

Description: Client stopped by police based on a citizen report of a drunk driver. Officer conducted DUI investigation and ultimately arrested client for DUI. Blood test came back above a .08. I obtained the audio recording of the 911 call, which in fact had been made by a disgruntled family member who had not witnessed any drinking or any driving. At the DMV hearing, the arresting officer claimed to have witnessed some alleged unsafe driving, which was refuted by our photographs of the area of in question, including the fact that there were no lane markings of any kind on the road that my client was driving on. In the end, the DMV set aside the suspension and returned my client's license. As far as the court case, I was able to get all charges dismissed before the case was even filed by the district attorney.

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