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Eric D Ridley

Eric Ridley’s Legal Guides

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  • 13 Myths About Bankruptcy

    The thought of your bills and obligations getting unmanageable can be concerning – even terrifying. Often, Here are the top 13 bankruptcy myths I'll never be able to own property again. FALSE. There a

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  • Bankruptcy Document Checklist

    Handy checklist of documents you're going to need before fiiing bankruptcy. Financial Records Your most recent 6 month’s bank statements; Your most recent bills from every creditor; Most recent paymen

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  • Living Trusts: The Absolute Basics

    Trust (Revocable Living Trust) What is a Trust? A Trust (in the most common use, a Revocable Living Trust, but there are myriad other types), is a legal document that will, in a few cases, partly substitute for a will. With a revocable living trust ( sometimes ca...

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  • Family Limited Partnerships: The Benefits and Drawbacks

    Family Limited Partnerships Playingwithbrushes/Foter My clients often use Family Limited Partnerships as a way to consolidate their asset holdings and get their children involved in their business and financial matters while at the same time, they get to create some tax benefi...

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