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Laura Victoria Kline Bartels

Laura Bartels’s Legal Guides

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  • Foreclosure Timeline

    How Long Does the Foreclosure Process Take? Mario lost his job when the construction market came to an abrupt halt. Through a series of savings and odd jobs he was able to make the payments until re

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  • Help! The house I am renting is in foreclosure. How Much TIme Do I Have?

    "Helping Families Save Their Home Act" It is estimated that over 40% of foreclosures are on rental properties. This leaves renters not knowing what to do or when they have to leave. Under Californi

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  • Getting Literally Sick From Harrassing Collections Calls

    Afraid to Answer Your Phone Katie’s phone rings at 6 AM and some collections guy is threatening to show up at her doorstep to collect cash if she doesn’t make a payment on her credit card. She is af

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  • "I Gave The Car Back and I STILL Have to Pay?"

    Don't Turn the Car Over If You Can't Make Payments Monica couldn’t make her car payments for her 2007 new car after her hours were reduced. She called the car company and told them to come and get t

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  • "Sick of Credit Card Late Fees?"

    Sick of Credit Card Late Fees? Mail the credit card payment by the due date but still get a $39 late fee? Late fees for credit card companies are pure profit. But because I mailed my credit card pa

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