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Laura Victoria Kline Bartels

About Laura Bartels

About me

Welcome to A v v o.  My legal interests are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate planning, wills, trusts, probates, and trust administration. 


Estate Plannning, Wills and Trusts

I collaborate with my clients on the best tools for them to achieve their desires.  I work mostly with people who have estates under 1 million dollars.  I work with families to structure planning to achieve the interests of the donors and the beneficiaries and maximize tax avoidance and savings. 


Probate and Trust Administration

When a loved one dies, the trauma to the family is intense.  I work closely with the executor or the trustee to tell them the process of the administration.  Most people are new to the experience of being an executor or a trustee.  I help them understand their role and walk them through the process.