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Nathan Mubasher

Nathan Mubasher’s Legal Guides

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  • Hiring an Attorney; Knowledge of Local Rules (Part II of a Series)

    This guide is one in a series of guides that helps you explore how to hire an attorney. The Scope & Importance of Local Rules When you hire an attorney, you should ask your attorney if he or she has a

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  • Hiring an Attorney; Personality (Part I of a Series)

    Personality (Part I of a Series on Hiring An Attorney) When you hire an attorney, you hire years of education, experience and also, personality. Of the three aspects of an attorney that you hire, exp

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  • "Do's and Dont's" in Civil (Non-Divorce) Mediation

    As a participant in a mediation in a civil matter (such as personal injury), there are some DO'S and DON'TS that you should be aware of.

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