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Sanjay Sobti’s Legal Guides

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  • Debt Forgiveness, Bankruptcy, and IRS Form 1099-C

    Debt Forgiveness, Bankruptcy and Form 1099C Here comes April 15: tax time. If you've procrastinated, like many of us do when it comes to taxes, then you've got your work cut out for you. If you're an accountant, whether your clients have procrastinated or not, you a...

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  • Do Not Worry About the Trustee

    Do Not Worry About the Trustee If you're worried about the trustee, don't be. She won't make a pauper of you, force you out on the street, take everything you own and hand it over to your creditors. That's notwhat bankruptcy is.It's also not the Spanish Inquisition, the trustee ...

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  • Rebuilding Credit after Bankruptcy

    According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2009 over 1.4 million people filed for consumer bankruptcy. Though experts believed the number of people filing for bankruptcy protection would rise in 2010, it has been much larger than expected. The American Bankruptcy Institute predict...

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  • Bankruptcy and Its Alternatives

    Whether due to injuries from an accident, a layoff at work or factors related to the current economy, many people across Southern California and especially the Inland Empire are facing mounting credit card debts or mortgage payments they can no longer afford. Already stressed ov...

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  • Battle to Solve California's Foreclosure Epidemic Moves to Assembly

    The building boom that embraced California and much of the nation for nearly a decade is now a bust, and nearly a third of all California homeowners have mortgages that are more than their homes are worth. Fearing an upswing in "strategic defaults," in which a borrower who can a...

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