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Marc Sean Hurd

Marc Hurd’s Legal Guides

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  • A Primer on Defamation Claims

    Since I am an attorney admitted only in California, my focus here is on California law. That said, the following guide is designed to be a sort of “general” primer on libel and slander claims that may provide guidance to those with questions on this topic who live in other states.

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  • Preparing Yourself For a Deposition

    In most any personal injury case, as a Plaintiff you will inevitably have your deposition taken. This is an important process, and this guide is designed to assist you in knowing what to expect.

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  • Personal injury Laws Differ from State to State

    There are some general rules about how a personal injury cases work, but there are differences from state to state that you need to know when beginning such a lawsuit. It's always good to know those differences and address those differences with local PI specialists in your area

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  • What to do if you're involved in an accident.

    Wait in your car If you are injured and unable to move safely, stay in your car and wait for police and medical help, unless it is dangerous to do so. If you are able to move about, it is best, wher

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