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Myava R. Escamilla

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  • California - New Laws in 2011

    Post-Foreclosure Protection for Tenants: Commencing January 1, 2011, a notice to terminate a residential tenant who remains after a foreclosure sale must generally include a statutory notice of the t

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  • Changes to Safe At Home Program

    In an effort to further protect the privacy of victims of domestic violence, theUnited States Department of Treasury issued a November 2009 ruling allowing national banks and credit unions to accept the contact address of a state's confidential address program rather than a resid...

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  • Myths About Domestic Violence

    Unfortunately domestic violence is an ugly and pervasive problem for our society - in Orange County, CA and beyond. You and your children's safety should always be apriority. An experienced attorney can provide expertise, knowledge of community resources, and support from start t...

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  • Exploring Bankruptcy Myths: A Simplified Guide

    Bankruptcy is about new beginnings. It is a federal right. It is not a moral decision, but rather one of the few effective financial tools given to people and businesses struggling with debt and overwhelming fiscal obligations. Why hire an experienced Attorney and not a paralega...

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