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Myava R. Escamilla

About Myava Escamilla

About me

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Immigration, Family Law, Domestic Violence Personal Injury.

Law School: San Joaquin College of Law

College: Smith College

About me:

Juris Doctorate, June 2007                      

2006 Student of the Year


Myava's first internship in law school was in Ch. 11 and corporate and individual Ch. 7 and 13 bankruptcy.  She has never stopped working in this area.  She has achieved successful discharges for her clients  with each case presenting varying degrees of difficulty.  Myava has respectfully assisted clients with thoughtful, detailed orientated and professional service in all cases.  Myava firmly believes that Bankruptcy is about new beginnings and healthy not only for the individual consumer but also the national economy.   


During law school, Myava assisted two practitioners in making caselaw precedent in the area of professional responsibility and utility law.  In the case related to professional responsibility, Myava helped to expand the protections of attorney client privilege.  In the case related to utility law, Myava helped Central Valley almond farmers receive significant refunds resulting from misappropriate fees charged by local electricity providers.  


In addition to this experience, Myava has an uncommon amount of training and experience in family law, specifically domestic violence.  Myava has assisted over 200 clients in pursuing and obtaining permanent restraining orders in order to end abusive relationships.  Myava has an in-depth understanding of issues presented by domestic violence and an unparalleled degree of empathy for victims of domestic violence.  Myava's own Mother was the victim of a domestic violence homicide.  Myava campaigned for two decades for it's resolution.  The Portland Police Department solved the case and, after Myava's testimony at the Defendant's sentencing, he was awarded the maximum sentence under applicable statute. 


Myava taught family law, restraining order and immigration as related to domestic violence portion of the 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training at Orange County Shelters.  Completion of this training meets the requirements set by California Evidence Code 1037.1 for designation as a Domestic Violence Counselor.  In addition, Myava provides training and support to corporate law firms partnered with shelters.


She is a recruiter for Smith College and a member of Association of Latina Alumnae of Smith. 


No one can guarantee the results of any legal proceeding.  However, you are guaranteed that you will be treated well, with respect and that your case will receive professional, personal attention.  She is an agressive advocate who understands the law and most importantly understands the objectives of each of her clients.   

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