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Austrailia Move Away

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2009

Practice Area: Child custody

Outcome: Move away from Orange County to Australia Granted

Description: Our firm represented The mother who had primary custody in an Orange County post judgment custody case. Mother's new husband of several years had been out of work here in the states and could not file employment after more than 2 years of searching for such employment. Our client sought to relocate with her son and husband to Austrailia. Move away cases are difficult both from a legal perspective, they are a specialty within a specialty and regwuire extensive knowledge and application of the law; and from an emotional perspective. Each parent is in a seemingly desperate situation. We prevailed based upon our demonstration of several factors, including the past history of mother's, and even step father's, reaching out to the father to involve him in the child's life and activities and the likelihood that this would conitnue after the relocation. With technology these days it is much easier to do this. Our firm was very successful in this case as move away cases (especially across the world) are not granted lightly; or often for that matter.

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