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Jyoti Dhokia’s reviews

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Review Jyoti Dhokia

    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    My experience with this attorney has been deplorable and I have heard more than a handful of horror stories from people that rendered her services.

    Long story short, the following are my main points of complaint with the Law Offices of Joy Dhokia Esq.:
    •Gross Negligence
    •Failure to communicate important information to client.
    •Unprofessional behavior. Rude verbal and email communication.
    •Lack of knowledge of basic immigration rules.
    •Failure to refund filing fees.
    •Overall incompetent and very poor service.
    •Effectively ruined our small business’s ability to hire two talented individuals.
    •Jeopardized the careers and immigration statuses of two sincere and hard-working professionals.


    1.0 star

    Anonymous review posted on

    Let me be completely honest with you - My experience with this attorney (Law Offices of Joy Dhokia, ESQ) was awful. My potential employer hired her for my H1-B Visa petition this year. All she cared about was her legal fee. Moreover, her fees are way too high for her mediocre (so called) services.

    My petition was rejected because she had filed them at the wrong US Immigration service center and petitioned without her signature on the G-28. She never bothered to inform me or my potential employer about my visa rejection, though our office contacted her on several occasions to ascertain my case status.

    The attorney had (supposedly) redirected my application to the correct service center with a detailed cover letter to the other USCIS office hoping it would fix the problem. This was completely untrue because we found no evidence of any of her claims in the returned application, which gain originated from the same service center that rejected my application in the first place.

    She is highly unprofessional and overall inept. Any and all attempts from my employer's office to rectify were futile considering USCIS does not accept properly rejected petitions that are resubmitted after the cap closes.

    Please never ever avail her services!


    1.0 star

    Posted by Victor

    Ms. Jyoti Kanji Dhokia a.k.a. Joy S Dhokia is the last person that you would want to hire to handle your immigration related case. My prospective employer hired her for H1B Visa petition this year. Believe it or not, USCIS (Immigration Service) rejected my petition because she had filed my case at the wrong USCIS service center. To point out other glaring mistakes, she filed my petition in the wrong category; her entries were wrong in the Labor condition application, misspelled my petitioner's name, entered my passport number incorrectly in the H1B data collection form and submitted as is.

    She is downright rude and unprofessional. She did not bother to let my employer know that my petition was rejected and returned to her office. We understood only after we decided to reach out to USCIS directly and realized that my petition was rejected and returned to the attorney's 3 weeks ago. All she cares about is your money and she will leave you in the dark once you pay her legal fee. She is incompetency personified and grossly negligent.

    She undermines the profession of immigration law. She will withhold any and all information that you are entitled to as a client. She filed my H1B petition and would not provide any evidence of timely filing or USPS/FedEx tracking number until 45 days later and that too only after constant intervention. All the petitioning forms that she filled in were full off glaring mistakes and she submitted many of them as is in spite of pointing out to the errors in the documentation.

    She is very disrespectful and the state must prevent her from practicing to be honest. Do not hire her. You are better off on your own.