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Jane Doe

Case Conclusion Date: 01.01.2010

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Wife's separate property contribution to acquisition of family home confirmed to her and ordered to be reimbursed.

Description: Family home purchased nearly 20 years prior to separation, title taken and maintained in both names. Prior to the purchase of the home, Wife's brother died, leaving her stocks, life insurance and other funds. At the time of dissolution, Husband claimed that he did not know for sure where the approximately $80,000.00 for the down payment on the purchase of the home had come from. Wife claimed it came from her separate property inheritance, from the estate of her brother. After considerable attempts to settle the case, the issue of the separate property contribution was tried. Court found for Wife, that the sum of approximately $80,000.00 for the downpayment on the family home had come directly from her separate property inheritance from her brother's estate and that amount must be reimbursed/confirmed to her.

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