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Matthew Blake Wallin

Matthew Wallin’s Legal Guides

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  • Step-by-Step Guide for Those Facing Domestic Violence Charges

    Arraignment The arraignment is the first court appearance. The purpose of the arraignment is to formally advise you of the charges pending against you and your rights as a criminal defendant. At this

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  • How to Seal Your Juvenile Criminal Record

    The right to seal your juvenile record is available in most juvenile cases, with certain exceptions. Laws vary from state to state so be sure to check with your local juvenile court for the correct procedure. The information below applies to California but may be similar in your ...

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  • Alternative Sentencing in Criminal Cases

    Community Service This alternative refers to fulfilling a jail sentence through the donation of your time to a charitable organization. Besides the obvious benefit of not going to jail, this type of

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  • Outline of a California Misdemeanor Criminal Case

    Arraignment Arraignment includes: bail, confirm attorney of record, confirm identity of defendant, identify the charges. Pre-Trial Conference(s) Pre-trial conferences include: plea negotiations, iden

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