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Brian Neal Gurwitz

About Brian Gurwitz

About me

Brian Gurwitz, a former Senior Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, prosecuted criminal cases for nearly 13 years before entering private practice in 2007.   As a prosecutor, he played a key role in many of the most contentious, high-profile cases in the County's history.


This expertise is invaluable to the clients who retain Mr. Gurwitz to represent them when they are accused of criminal wrongdoing.  He understands how police and prosecutors think, and he anticipates the tactics they will use against his clients in pursuit of a conviction.  He is keenly familiar with how the criminal justice system operates in Orange County, and how to maximize his clients' opportunities to obtain the best results possible.  


Equally important, Mr. Gurwitz represents his clients with a high degree of both compassion and dedication.  He is absolutely committed to the fearless protection of their interests during an exceedingly difficult time in their lives.