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People v. SH (Possession of a Controlled Substance)

Case Conclusion Date: 03.20.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Reduced to Misdemeanor

Description: I was charged with H&S 11350, Possession of Heroin a felony. I had previously been convicted of a felony as well. I hired attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me as I have had good experiences with his previous representations and because of his familiarity with the Courts, District Attorney and Judges in Orange County. Mr. Bruzzo was able to negotiate a dismissal of the felony even though the evidence against me was very strong. I ended up pleading to Business and Professions Code Section 4060, [Possession of a Controlled Substance without a Prescription] a misdemeanor. I received credit for one day in jail [Credit Time Served] and informal probation. In addition I did not have to attend a program. I am very happy with this result and based on this I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any possession of a controlled substance or criminal matter. SH 3-20-13

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