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People v. SD (Grand Theft)

Case Conclusion Date: 02.28.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Dismissed

Description: I was arrested and charged with Grand Theft (Penal Code Section 487(a)) for taking items from a store worth almost $1,800.00. I hired Attorney Will Bruzzo to represent me because of his past case results and his familiarity with the courts and District Attorney in Orange County. This case would have been filed as a felony but Mr. Bruzzo spoke with the District Attorney prior to the court date and the case got filed as a misdemeanor. Notably, I had a prior case for the same thing. Mr. Bruzzo went to court and negotiated with the District Attorney. Despite the high value of the items taken, he managed to get me a program and a DISMISSAL of the case with DNA. I am very happy with this result and I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any theft or criminal matter. SD 2-28-13

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