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People v. LK (Domestic Violence)

Case Conclusion Date: 08.08.2011

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Never filed

Description: Testimonial: I was arrested for Domestic Violence under Penal Code Section 273.5(a) for an incident that occurred with my spouse in Orange County, California. For that crime I was arrested and faced a maximum of one year in jail. After I got out of jail I made contact with Attorney William Bruzzo whom I understood to be a very effective attorney and very familiar with the judges and the District Attorneys in Orange County. Mr. Bruzzo told me that he would start working on my case even before my court date and that he would try to persuade the District Attorney NOT TO FILE the case against me which would mean there would never actually be a case in court. Mr. Bruzzo argued that the lack of any injury in this case, despite the allegation of battery by my spouse, might cause the District Attorney to have doubts about the provability of the case and lead to the non-filing. He contacted the District Attorney and took a statement from my spouse prior to the appearance date in court. Mr. Bruzzo then showed this statement to the DA and talked to her about the case. Two days after I hired Mr. Bruzzo he informed me that the District Attorney had REJECTED the case and decided not to file against me. I NEVER HAD TO APPEAR IN COURT AND I HAVE NO CONVICTION. I am very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo for his efforts and I would enthusiastically recommend him for any Domestic Violence or Criminal matter. LK Date: 8/8/11

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