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Michael Robert Weinstein

Michael Weinstein’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Properly Fund Your Trust and Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Probate, the court supervised administration of your estate (assets) upon your death, can be an expensive and time consuming headache. For most people, one of the goals of their estate plan is avoiding probate. One way to avoid probate administration is to create a revocable trus...

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  • Issues Regarding Cross-Border Estate Plans for Californians

    Newspapers and the internet are filled with stories regarding foreign citizens immigrating to the United States and Americans moving to foreign countries to retire. One of the primary reasons for these moves is economic. The U.S. promises employment and pay superior to those out...

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  • A Brief Description of the Probate Process In California

    When a resident of the State of California dies, the California Probate Court has the duty to oversee the orderly transfer of the deceased person's assets (referred to as an Estate) to the proper recipients. The property administered by the Court does not include property held in...

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  • General Information on Using Gifts in California for Estate Planning Purposes during 2011 - 2012

    A gift is a gratuitous transfer of property made during your lifetime. Some gifts are subject to federal gift tax. For these transfers you have a $5,000,000 lifetime gift tax exemption. After you have exhausted your lifetime exemption, the U.S. Internal Revenue Code imposes a tax...

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