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Marla Merhab Robinson

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  • I am writing because I started a law firm with my former college friend in late November 2010 and a few days ago, was forced to

    start thinking about dissolving bc of what I beleive are sever fiduciary breaches on his part. Though we started getting phone calls and had everything set up for 2 appointments we scheduled, we have not as yet made any profit. The breaches concer...

    Marla’s Answer

    Before anyone can answer your question on dissolving, you need to advise them of the type of entity you and your friend formed. Is it a partnership, corporation, limited liability partnership or other type? Dissolution depends on the type of entity.

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  • I was declined a mortgage modification after paying it on time for 10 months.

    The original contract said I would have a three month trial period and if maoid on time would get the modification. They accelerated the loan and I paid it from retirement funds to prevent foreclosure. Isnt this a breach of contract? Do I have any...

    Marla’s Answer

    Most loan modification trail period documents have language in them that says that perfoming the trial alone does not guarantee that you will receive a modification. You should have the documents reviewed by an attorney in your area as different states have different laws relating to contracts. For personal help regarding your loan modification,I highly recommend contacting Sarah Laflin at She has helped several homeowners around the country by getting to the right people at the lender.

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  • What are the laws regarding when an employer has to pay an employee after the pay period ends.

    If I am being paid monthly does the employer have to pay me by a certain date following the last day I work? Even if the last day of the pay period falls in the middle of a week - say the 31st is on Wed but the pay period ends on Sunday the 4th - ...

    Marla’s Answer

    Be sure you receive an answer from an attorney located in Texas as wage and hour laws differ state to state.

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