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Lisa Sterling Arnquist

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  • Can I get help in this country for my case?

    PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! My husband applied for a divorce in 2012 and that time didn't want to pay alimony. At that time I founded out he was having an affair with our housekeeper. I got an attorney and because he was going for his third bankruptcy,...

    Lisa’s Answer

    I'm so sorry that you are going through these hard issues. As people have explained, the affairs he has do not affect the outcome of the case, but combined with his "setting you up" for domestic violence charges, shows a difficult mentality on his part, for you to have to battle alone. Restraining orders are serious. They can greatly affect your custodial timeshare (if you have minor children together); affect spousal support; and even future employment possibilities. It's very important to have an experienced lawyer at your side while you go through this challenging time.

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