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People v. D.D. (AWF on Police Officers)

Case Conclusion Date: 07.05.2011

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty of Premeditated Attempt Murder of a Police Officer, Not guilty of Assault with Firearm on a Police Officer, Not Guilty of 2 Residential Burglaries, Not Guilty of Robbery. Guilty of the Lesser Crime: Assault with Firearm and False Imprisonment

Description: My client was 17 years-old at the time of this incident and was charged and tried as an adult for shooting an automatic rifle at Police Officers upon exiting an apartment where he was barricaded. He was also charged with various counts of Residential Burglary, Attempted Premeditated Murder of a Police Officer and Robbery. The Prosecution was seeking a potential sentence somewhere in the neighborhood of 65 years to life. Through the presentation of an effective defense, I was able to obtain Not Guilty verdicts on the 2 residential burglary counts, the robbery charges and both the premeditated attempted murder of a police and Assault with a Firearm on Police Officer charges. Rather than serve a sentence where he would have served a minimum of 45 years + and likely never have been released on parole, my client having been convicted of only the lesser charges we sought, will be released in 7 years, before his 25th birthday.

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