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Mahyar Ghassemian

About Mahyar Ghassemian

About me


I believe in being positive and cherishing everyday of one's life as a present. I incorporate this positive and cooperative attitude in my legal practice and help my clients by maintaining civility and high integrity in the course of a legal issue or lawsuit.


I believe one should never compromise on ethical issues. Keeping a good sense of morality and high values helps me in my everyday life as well as in resolving my clients' problems better and more successfully.


Family and long-time friends are a high priority in my life. I come from a family of three children and have two children of my own who are both in college now.


I am an avid reader who likes many different types of books from the classics to modern day fiction such as works of John Grisham and Nelson DeMille. I love the beach and on any Sunday morning you can find me hiking in Dana Point or Laguna Beach.


I like to keep active and exercise regularly at the gym. This is a way to release the pressures of taking on people's problems and keeps my mind and body free of stress.


My favorite activity is traveling. I believe travel expands one's horizons and opens the mind to different cultures and interesting customs.