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Scott Charles Maccabe

Scott Maccabe’s Legal Guides

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  • Parenting Plan Options in California - One Size Does Not Fit All

    With child custody, the goal [best interests under Family Code 3011 an elusive guideline that belies rigid definition Adoption of Matthew B. (1991) 232, Cal.App.3d 1239, 1263] under Family Code 4011 is the same for all but the plans need to be tailored to the developmental sta...

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  • California Spousal Support Calculations

    First off, courts regularly order pendent lite (litigation pending) spousal support at an Order to Show Cause hearing if there is a disparity of earnings between the spouses. By filing a spousal support Order to Show Cause packet (forms FL-300, FL-310, and FL-157) along with an I...

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  • Five Steps in Anticipation of Divorce Filing for California

    If you have made the decision to file for divorce, or if your spouse has, you should prepare with these five steps so that your interests are best served.

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