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Todd Alan Green

Todd Green’s reviews

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  • Legal Consulting for Business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nik

    Todd has represented our company in a number of contractual and litigation matters, each with success. Todd's approach comes from a "business matters" view, responding quickly when it matters, being forceful when that is appropriate, and compromising on small matters when the a fair deal is the primary objective. He not only brings his legal expertise to the table, but also offers strategic approaches to achieving the end goal. He will take the time to understand exactly what our end goal is, and our minimum expectation so that he can formulate an approach that will best achieve those goals. His billings have always fairly represented the work performed (no surprises).

    When it comes to litigation, Todd approaches a case with the seriousness and forethought a lawsuit deserves. He is very aware of the costs and is transparent throughout the process. His communications with opposing council has always been concise, confident and strongly legal or factual based. He is very effective in these communications.

    I would recommend Todd to any business that needs an attorney with their contracts or with their legal disputes.

    Hired attorney
  • The Warmington Group of Companies

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joel

    We use Todd simply because often he is the smartest guy in the room. He understands the law better than most and applies his understanding to our business needs better than anyone. We are always pleased with the analysis, the service and the price.

  • best business litigator & good man

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Business client

    I really enjoy working with Todd.

    Now by the time you contact Todd you have been most likely been wronged and/or cheated. Todd will help you organize the swirl of emotions you may have to seek justice by asking you questions to understand why you have been wronged. You might get defensive to argue against a very skilled litigator but his questions are designed to help you understand not only if you have a real grievance and more importantly if the case is worth pursuing. And if he feels you don’t really have a case and or not worth pursuing it in courts, he will advise you on how to possibly resolve the conflict you may be having, and not take the case forward. And he will not charge you for this, and this simple act can save you a lot of money and a lot of headaches.

    Note difference 1 from other law firms that would have most likely sent you a retainer agreement before even understanding your case.

    Todd will not run to court with scorched earth bravado statements. At first he will do his very best to actually resolve the issue by settling with the opposing party. He is very methodical, calm, and surgical in his approach in this and builds up the momentum of your case almost like an orchestra by carefully moving parts and playing only points that will resonate well to resolve the case. And he will maintain calm and elegant professionalism even in the mudslinging chest beating condescending tactics of some opposing counsels by deconstructing their points to a point of teaching them manners, and still focusing them on resolving the matter.

    Note difference 2 from other law firms that would have most likely sent you a trust agreement and discourage you from settling.

    Todd respects the court and he will teach you to respect it as he views it as the last place people should be rushing to resolve their issues. Even if you will not agree with him philosophically on this, you will agree as courts are expensive. However once in court, he is very well prepared, has understood the potential arguments from the opposing counsel before his presentation, and makes clear concise logical arguments. And since he is very well prepared and has great respect for the courts and sees as last place to resolve issues, the outcome will most likely be in your favor. Todd’s knowledge of the law is beyond simply understanding the law, it is a true passion he has for his vocation that is clearly reflected in his quality of work.

    Note difference 3 from other lawyers that frivolously take cases before the judiciary and costs you and the courts a lot of money.

    Todd respects you as a client. And therefore respects your money and has great deal of empathy for the cost of litigation. Every time he is going to work on something he will first call you, get your approval before working on it. Therefore when you get your bill, there are no surprises. And if you have a question about your bill, just ask him and he will gladly answer your questions. Todd is not petty AT ALL, and you will not see frivolous items such as cost of making copies or mailings. And if there are situations where he is having a discussion with you and does not agree with your position he will often not charge you. You will only see the services he has ethically provided to you.

    Note difference 4 from other law firms where you might get charged if you have questions about your bill!

    Based on the 4 points outlined above the services you will get from Green LLP will be better than ANY top law firm at fraction the cost.

    He is most likely the best business litigator, and recommend him sans any degree of trepidation and will use him for any business disputes that life might throw my way.

  • Public Company's Review

    5.0 stars

    Posted by William

    As a publicly traded company with a wide geographic footprint, we have engaged many outside attorneys to represent us across the country--and are very satisfied with Todd's performance. We have been pleased with Todd's creative thinking, quick-on-his-feet-ness, willingness to address our concerns quickly and satisfactorily and with his procedural knowledge. We have gone to trial with Todd more than once and have prevailed in each case. In those trials Todd was logical, effective on cross examination and presented well during his openings and closings. Todd is a zealous advocate who approaches cases strategically and aggressively. We highly recommend Todd.