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Next Pharmaceuticals, Inc. v. Stauber Performance Ingredients, Inc.

Case Conclusion Date: 03.01.2004

Practice Area: Contracts and agreements

Outcome: $1.5 Million

Description: In this case, Klein & Wilson represented a nutritional supplements firm who sold $750,000 of nutritional supplements to defendant. Defendant alleged the product was defective and refused to pay. After Klein & Wilson filed a complaint, defendant filed a cross-complaint, alleging a variety of wrongful conduct by Klein & Wilson's client. After working up the case and attending a mediation where Klein & Wilson put on a multimedia trial presentation, defendant agreed to settle the case in an imaginative settlement which was worth almost $1.5 million to the client. This settlement would not have been possible had Klein & Wilson not done extensive briefing and put on a multimedia trial presentation at the mediation.

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