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People v. S.V. (Child Abuse) Jury Trial

Case Conclusion Date: 08.23.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Jury Trial -- Not Guilty Count 1; Hung Jury Count 2

Description: Client was disciplining his 7 year old son in public. He slapped him once on the back of the head in a stairwell and kid fell down on stairs. That incident was caught on video. He put the boy in the backseat of their car and hit him several more times. That incident was observed by two independent witnesses who called 911. When interviewed by the police, boy claimed that father had hit him with a stick a few years prior that left permanent marks on his back. After a 10-day jury trial: not guilty on count 1 (the stairwell) and hung jury on count 2 (backseat of car).

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