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People v. R.G. (Sentence Modification on Sex Case)

Case Conclusion Date: 02.15.2013

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Sentence modification granted

Description: Client was placed on 5 years felony formal probation on October 15, 201, pursuant to a deal with the District Attorney’s Office. Unfortunately, Client was being unfairly harassed by the probation department. Client hired our office to be relieved of formal probation. We tried to bring a motion to reduce to convert formal to informal on February 3, 2012, but the judge denied the motion claiming it was premature. Unfortunately, within a week of the judge’s decision, Client violation probation was sentenced to 90 days for the probation violation. Nevertheless, we brought a motion a second time and argued the matter on 02.15.13. Probation department and DA’s office both opposed the motion; a DA supervisor prepared a written opposition as well as argued against the motion in court. Court agreed with Fred Thiagarajah’s arguments and formal probation was converted to informal probation, which was less than ½ way into client’s grant of probation.

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