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Marianne Hoisan Man

Marianne Man’s Answers

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  • My estranged spouse electronically filed a tax return using married filing jointly with full knowledge that I did not agree

    Our divorce proceedings were filed last year but we were still married at year-end. My ex had been pressuring me for months to agree to file jointly but I had always said I wouldn't blanketly agree to it . I shared my W2 and other documents with...

    Marianne’s Answer

    The most prudent thing to do is to file your own return as the IRS recommended, which will probably trigger an investigation of both returns.

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  • Friend filed my taxes and deposited my money into her mothers account

    i never recieved the money

    Marianne’s Answer

    Report the issue to the IRS and the applicable state taxing authorities immediately. The IRS and state taxing authority will probably request that you file your own tax return if you did not sign the tax returns that your friend filed. Criminal tax matters will also taken care of by the government if they decide to pursue criminal action against your friend for fraudulently filing a tax return on your behalf and absconding with your refund check.

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