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Keith John Bruno

Keith Bruno’s Legal Guides

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  • How to evaluate whether or not to represent yourself.

    Infraction only rule The only criminal case in which you should even think of representing yourself in is an infraction case (like a speeding ticket). Even then, this should be approached with cautio

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  • How to Spend Your Money in Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Get over sticker shock The truth is that you CAN'T afford a good criminal defense lawyer. It is not about affording anything. Affording something is the product of a budgetary process that has nothin

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  • Understanding the Juvenile Delinquency System in California

    Arrest/Investigation The first step is the investigation of a crime and, if the facts warrant, an arrest. The target of the investigation should not participate in the investigation without first con

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  • What To Do if Your Child is the Target of a Criminal Investigation

    JUVENILE RIGHTS Juveniles have many of the same rights as adults. As juveniles, your rights include: The right to remain silent during police questioning. The right to have an attorney accompany y

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