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Ivan Paul Cohen

Ivan Cohen’s Legal Guides

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  • Judgment Debtor Examination

    A judgment debtor examination is used to obtain more information about the debtor’s assets. The debtor can be required to submit to questioning about his financial condition under oath, at a debtor’s

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  • Statute of Limitations

    Different types of cases have different statutes of limitation. Knowing which statute of limitation applies is critical, since if a lawsuit is not brought within the time limit that applies to the cas

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  • Enforcing a Judgment Against a Business

    Enforcing a judgment against a business If the debtor operates a store, shop, or any other kind of business which maintains a large amount of cash on the premises, a till tap can be used to seize any

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  • Bank Levy

    Bank Levy If a creditor knows where the debtor has a checking or savings account at a bank, savings association, thrift and loan, or credit union, he/she can use a court procedure called a bank levy

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  • Post Judgment Remedies

    Post Judgment Remedies Creditors arrange with the sheriff or marshal to seize the assets of the judgment debtor, which have been identified as his/hers and traced to their current location and sell t

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  • Pre Judgement Writ of Attachment

    Pre Judgement Writ of Attachment The most important provisional remedy for unsecured or under-secured creditors is the writ of attachment. Pre Judgement Writ of Attachment A writ of attachment permit

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  • The Penalty for Passing Bad Check

    Penalty for passing a bad check Creditors can collect up to an additional $1,500.00 in treble damages on bad checks issued by debtors. Penalty for passing a bad check To be able to collect this amoun

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  • Reduce a Debt to a Judgment in California

    Reduce a debt to a judgment While forgiveness of unpaid debts is a normal function of any downward business cycle, creditors need to determine whether there is value in reducing the debt to a judgmen

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