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David E Swanson

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  • Shoplifting minor, whats going to happen?

    I've just heard that my brother 17 years old was somehow caught shoplifting of few dollars worth stuff. He got a ticket(?) to show up at court by the end of this month. Other than the fact that there is a ticket(?) im not yet sure what happened i...

    David’s Answer

    If he has no prior record, he should be eligible for what is called informal handling of the charge of theft. The police will refer the case to the LA County Juvenile Probation Department. Your mother will be contacted by the probation department and they may agree to handle it informally which would consist of some sanctions against your brother. If they refer it to the District Attorney, he will have to go to court. He is then eligible for a public defender who would be able to make a request for informal handling which basically means he would not be made a ward of the court and would not be put on formal probation. This advice assumes that your brother is actually guilty and the charge could be proven against him. If he isn't guilty then he should demand a trial.

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  • Obtaining police report on a drunk in public

    I just turned 18 and I am wondering whether there is a possibility that i could obtain the police report on my charge of drunk in public

    David’s Answer

    You will not be able to obtain a police report unless and until charges are actually filed and you appear in Harbor Court, if this occurred in Irvine. If you don't have a prior record, you will probably be eligible for a diversion-type program which allows you to get the charge dismissed if you attend some aa meetings or a class on following the law. The Orange County DA's Office often offers this type of resolution for this type of case.

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