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Chad Raymond Maddox

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  • Excellent Experience--DUI dismissed

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anto

    In October of 2013, I was pulled over by the OC Sheriff's Department while I was coming home to Newport Beach on the 55 freeway. Prior to pulling over to the side of the freeway, I did not think my encounter would lead to an arrest because I only had a couple of drinks and was driving safely on a clear freeway--I was very mistaken. The officers immediately presumed I was drinking earlier and within minutes I was instructed to get out of my vehicle and perform a sobriety test. After the sobriety test and a couple additional questions from the officers, I found myself blowing into a breathalyzer and realizing I was in trouble when my BAC was read at .08. Within 20 minutes of being pulled over, I was sitting handcuffed in the back of a police vehicle for the first time in my life wondering how I could be so foolish.

    After spending a night in jail, I came to the realization that I had no driver's license, my vehicle was in police custody, and I missed a day at work without calling in. I had no idea the repercussions for my actions so I searched online for more information which I do no recommend because any rubbish can be published online and the circumstances of each person's case differ therefore you can never find concrete advise. I called other friends who have had a DUI and the consensus within my circle was to consult the best attorney I could find.

    I was a bit overwhelmed with the information that I've received from friends and the internet so I wanted to truly understand the repercussions of my arrest. I made an appointment with Chad and thought, let me get my questions answered and decide whether or not should go with him or other attorneys I know. On our first appointment, we went over the details of my arrest and he informed me the reason the officers questioned me and how much evidence they had against me. At the time I had no idea that I was basically building a case against myself by answering their questions and cooperating with the officers. I was always taught to obey police officers because I believed they had my best intentions in mind however these sentiments obstructed me from exercising my rights. In addition, Chad went over the upcoming DMV hearing as well as what will likely happen with my DMV part of the case. At the conclusion of our meeting, I felt tremendously better because I had a deeper understanding to the context of my arrest as well as the timeline of events to come.

    I decided to hire Chad for my case. I had options with other friends who either were attorneys or had attorneys in their family however they did not seem as experienced or as professional as Mr. Maddox--he was the only person I spoke with that completely answered my questions and provided such an abundant amount of information and hypotheticals that I knew he was the most qualified attorney to take my case. Not to mention that he is very friendly, non-intimidating, and pleasure to speak with.

    During the course of my case, I literally did not have to do anything--as in show up to court or take any time away from work. Whenever I had a court date, he would mail me information regarding the appointment and would follow-up with a phone call to keep me updated on how the case was progressing. I would occasionally have questions which I would email to him and I always received a response within a few hours with either a phone-call or email. I was very happy with how responsive he was and how thorough he was to anticipate any follow-up questions. All of our conversations were very positive and he was never rude or condescending even when my questions were redundant.

    So after 2 years of dealing with my case, I received a phone call from Chad with the good news that I got my case dismissed. I feel so relieved and am overwhelming happy that Chad beat my case in one of the highest conviction rate county's in the nation. I can't praise Chad and his super staff enough....I highly highly recommend

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  • As a 3rd time DUI offender Chad Maddox gave me my life back

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Shannon

    If I could give Chad Maddox more than five stars I would. Chad Maddox hands down (not in handcuffs) has given me my life back. Chad is the best DUI and DMV attorney in California. I am a 3rd time DUI offender. A very serious offense. Thanks to Chad I have been able to not be a criminal on the run. Constantly worried about being arrested for outstanding warrants. In my case that would mean serious time in jail. Chad really goes above and beyond to provide his clients with a reliable and informative process. I was never kept in the dark about any proceedings pertaining to my case. You cannot put a price on knowing that you have the absolute best representation by a person that absolutely has you best interest at heart. I highly recommend Chad Maddox to anyone in need of this service. Thank you Chad and Tobias for embarking on my case. There were many difficulties of course, but dealt with in a very professional and top notch manner.

  • A Good Decent Man with Tenacity and Resolve he is the DUI Attorney for you!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Josh

    It all started April 11th, 2014 when a bunch of close friends went out bar hoping in downtown Huntington Beach for a bachelor party. We bounced around from bar to bar drinking, eating, smoking, and joking the soon marriage of a good friend. I thinking I was being the responsible one shut it down an hour and half before I left, not to mention I had to be to work by 6am the next day. Well as you can tell my decision-making wasn’t the best and it didn’t end too well for me.
    I left the parking structure on Walnut and 2nd Street and proceeded down to 1st Street. I then proceeded onto 1st and headed toward PCH. While sitting at the light I noticed flashing lights and cones, which looked like construction. I pondered for a few seconds and thought construction, this time of the night? Well it wasn’t construction, but rather a DUI checkpoint that had no escape route.
    About 9:35pm I was one of the randomly selected vehicles and pulled over. Officer Demetre approached my vehicle asked me numerous questions and drilled me as I was in basic training. While in aw of his questions my responses we respectful and cordial the entire time. Not knowing your rights when going through a DUI checkpoint I sang like a bird. I told him I have been drinking and what I was doing earlier that evening. After the initial questioning I was then asked to perform a field sobriety test, which at the time I didn’t know you could refuse. It is your Constitutional Right to do so, however if you refuse this test you must submit a BAC test via blood or breathalyzer or you will be immediately taken to a jail and an automatic one year suspension of your license. Once my field sobriety test was done I chose to do a blood test. (A week later found my BAC was 0.13%) I was then placed under arrest of the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and taken to HB jail.
    Once we arrived at HB jail, this was my first time in jail you are treated like dirt. After four hours of freezing my butt off I was released. All I could think of was the major ramifications were going to come with a DUI and how it was going severely affect my wife, three small children, and livelihood.
    The next day at work was miserable as I only had two hours of sleep and my mind was going a million miles a second thinking about what DUI attorney to contact, the fines, jail time, etc? Within a few days your mail and email will be flooded with DUI attorney papers and pamphlets, which is embarrassing especially if you have a good relationship like I do with my mailman. After about a week I finally made the decision with my wife over prayer to choose DUI Attorney Chad Maddox. I knew he was genuine when he gave personal time to meet with me. Chad came out to where I live and we had a one on one. We went over the details and I gave him all the papers that came from the DMV and HBPD. Once we parted ways Chad immediately went to work on my case.
    Throughout Chad worked tirelessly and diligently on my case. His staff Tobias and Roxanna always kept me in the loop with timely phone calls, emails, and letters. As we were gearing for trial on a Monday I received a phone call Friday around 10am from Tobias saying that we won the case and it was dismissed. Words can’t explain the relief, as tears of joy flowed, the happiness, and my new lease on life. From day one Chad was on a mission all the way through the Appellate to Appeals Court. (Yes my case when that far). His tenacity and resolve puts him on a pedestal above the rest. If you ever get pulled over for a DUI Chad Maddox is the attorney for you. His fees are extremely reasonable, his calm and gentle manner, and being a genuine decent man makes him head and shoulder about the rest. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and May God Speed to you and your staff.

  • If you want the best, he's your guy

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Angella

    My son was 18 when he had a felony DUI conviction due to injuries to the driver of the car he hit. The DA wanted my son in jail. From day 1, Chad Maddox advised us for the best results for my son to enter a rehab and do whatever was needed to show the court that he was a good kid who made a extremely poor choice. Chad kept our son out of jail by negotiating an alternative sentence and helping my son get a second chance for his future. If you want the best, Chad Maddox is the best lawyer for you.

  • Superb DUI Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brooke

    Chad Maddox is the best of the best when it comes to DUI attorneys. I got arrested in April 2013 in Santa Ana for a DUI and a hit and run. I had flipped my car over and totaled it with a blood alcohol level of 2.0 and ran from the scene, so as you can imagine I pretty much thought my case was hopeless. A little over a year later and Chad was able to get my case dismissed! I didn't have to pay ANY fines or take any DUI classes. The only thing the court ordered me to do was attend a small amount of AA meetings, and those are free! Not only is Chad extremely intelligent, thorough, and helpful but he has an amazing team at his law offices. Tobi was always available when Chad couldn't be and was just as helpful so I almost felt like I had two lawyers! Roxana was always so friendly and patient on the phone, and always had good advice to give me when I had questions. The time and money I saved by hiring Chad is irreplaceable, and I recommend him to anyone and everyone who has been charged with a DUI! Thank you law offices of Chad Maddox!

  • The best possible outcome for a rough situation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    I was pulled over for speeding to work the morning after I had gone out. Even though I hadn't been drinking heavily the night before the police ran my record, and after seeing I have a prior, I was breathalized and a residual amount was found in my system. After posting bail and getting things from the day of school I missed in order, I came across Chad after searching for a bit. What stuck out to me about him is that he was realistic with me while remaining optimistic. The other lawyers I had talked to were talking about all the ways that they could get me off of this, but it was plain to see that they were just trying to get a client. Chad took the time to listen to me, and after hearing my story he addressed what could be done to keep me out of jail rather than empty promises of getting me off completely. His experience was apparent, offering me multiple possibilities and the probable outcomes. He knows this area so well that he used the upcoming election and a switch of judges to bend my sentencing to something that they originally were not going to allow, did away with my court fines and now I'm almost off house arrest and back to normal life. I'm a simple guy - I just wanted the ability to remain out in the world to keep my life going forward and Chad more than delivered. I was able to continue work and college, I don't have to build up from nothing. Thank you, my friend.

  • Attorney Exceeded My Expectations

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leslie

    Chad Maddox did a stellar job defending my two DUI's. My sister, who is an attorney, read his flyer for DUI defense, which was one of hundreds sent to my house. She felt he had the best flyer regarding flat fees, experience, and familiarity with DUI laws. Though i had appointments with him on multiple occasions, called and emailed with many questions, I was never charged additional fees. I didn't need to appear in court once. He handled everything. Ultimately, i received the least of punishment for first DUI offenders: court fees, MADD class, DUI classes, and DMV suspended my license. It was a streamlined process, and he never once postponed a court date.

    My second DUI could have been devastating for me. I was looking at 90 days jail (since i was still on probation for first DUI,I was liable for jail time of 30 days, plus an additional 60 days for 2nd DUI). Chad knew the judges, requested a different, more lenient judge. I received 60 days home confinement and NO BAIL BOND. Second DUI's usually have a bail set at 25K. Chad was also able to dismiss a drug charge, and i was only charged for driving under the influence and driving with a BAC over .08 (As a condition of my first DUI, i wasn't allowed to drive with any amount of alcohol in my system). I was astounded and elated (relatively). I cannot express my gratitude in words. I feel he's an attorney with high moral standards and integrity. His office staff is friendly and extremely helpful, specifically Tobias Freestone.

  • Experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer who fights the courts and DMV with equal passion

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    When I received my DUI in Huntington Beach, I was lost. I was too ashamed to ask for help from my family, so I began my search for a DUI lawyer all by myself. I contacted several attorneys in Orange County and of all the lawyers I contacted, Chad made me feel most like an individual, and truly made me feel like he cared about my case and my well-being. He explained the ins and outs of the pre-trial, trial, and DMV Hearing. I was speaking to him directly within minutes of calling his office, and had a free in-person consultation scheduled for the very next day. I'm glad I was patient and didn't go with the first few attorneys I contacted. Chad got me the best deal I could have hoped for by far, and by the end of the ordeal I could see the level of attention that Mr. Maddox gave to investigating my case. I highly recommend him to others in the OC/LA area.

  • a truly amazing lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Emily

    Chad Maddox represented me on my first dui 6 years ago and recently on my second. I was ashamed and terrified of going to jail. After my first dui, there was no question about who to turn to for my second. Chad is an honest, respectful, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable lawyer. He explained everything to me in great detail every step of the way. He was always available to thoroughly answer any questions I had. If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of needing a dui attorney, I highly recommend Chad Maddox. He really knows what he's doing and will do everything he can to achieve the best possible outcome for you. He kept me out of jail and made a very scary experience seem manageable. I will always be truly grateful to him.

  • Jerry Maguire of DUI's

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    I was facing my 2nd DUI and to make it worse I hurt a guy on a motor bike. I thought I was finished. I was looking at 16 months in prison. By the hard work and skill of Chad I was able to get zero jail time. He's really a good guy and never once did I question if he knew what he was doing. He's very calculated! I'm glad I trusted him and did what he recommended. It's been the best choice I've made in a long time. Thanks Chad for all the help!