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$325,000.00- Driver reaching for cell phone runs red light

Case Conclusion Date: 11.15.2004

Practice Area: Personal injury

Outcome: $325,000.00- Driver reaching for cell phone runs r

Description: $325,000.00- Driver reaching for cell phone runs red light Our client was injured when her car was struck by a small truck which ran a red light when its driver was not paying attention and was reaching for his cell phone. The entire accident was captured on a video surveillance tape which happened to be running in a near by store. Despite all of this evidence, the insurance company for the other side did not make any settlement offers and instead forced us to arbitrate the case. An arbitration award of $325,000.00 was rendered in our client's favor and rather than pay the award, the other side's insurance carrier appealed the judgment to the Second District Court of Appeals. Our client prevailed at the appellate level and the judgment was paid.

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