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Gary Leigh Moorhead

Gary Moorhead’s Legal Guides

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  • Brain Injury in California

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI, also called intracranial injury) occurs when an outside force injures the brain.TBI is a cause of death and disability, especially in children and young adults. Causes include falls, vehicle accidents, sporting injuries and violence.Brain trauma can b...

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  • Boating Injuries in California

    Californians love the water and boats. Most boating accidents are sustained during 'recreational' boating, although a significant number of commercial boating accidents occur on our ocean and lakes every year. Just as there is a difference between recreational boating and commerc...

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  • "Slip & fall" and premises liability claims in California

    You're walking down an aisle in a grocery store, looking for your item on the top shelf, and suddenly your feet fly out from underneath you. The next thing you know is that a manager is hovering over you, asking a clerk where the 'Peligro' signs are, and asking you if you are abl...

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  • Dog Bite Damages in California

    Most Americans own pets, and most of those pets are dogs. Dogs are like family to most people, and like most families, most are good, but some are not so good, particularly to strangers.Victims of dog attacks and severe bites know all too well the pain and disfigurement a dog bit...

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  • Motorcycle damages in California

    A 'typical' automobile accident might result in a severe neck or low back sprain. There is no such thing as a typical motorcycle accident. When a motorcyclist is involved in a collision, the injuries are usually fractures, brain injuries, severe road rash and scarring, even at re...

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  • Recoverable Medical Damages in California for Injuries

    CA has long held that economic damages for medical bills incurred to treat injuries sustained in an accident and caused by a third-party are fully recoverable, and that the victim's evidence of medical insurance to pay a portion of those bills in inadmissible under the "collatera...

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