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About Harrison Long

About me




Trial Attorney: 1999 through the present




Experienced trial and litigation attorney with twelve years experience who has tried cases ranging from murder to medical malpractice trials, but for the past ten years, has have focused on complex trying civil litigation cases involving catastrophic injury, wrongful death, business tort/ contract claims, unfair business practices/ competition, fraud, insurance bad faith/ coverage and general tort in state and federal courts.  


A large part of HGL’s practice has consisted of associating with other law firms to handle the trial phase of cases that fail to resolve during litigation.





 * Servite High School: 1988-1992 – Football Team all four years


 * University of Southern California: 1993-1996, Football Team 1993-1994, Bachelor of Arts English Literature, 1996


 * Whittier Law School: 1997-1999, JD earned 1999; American Jurisprudence Awards (Highest Grade in the Class) Torts and Evidence.




* Law Offices of Herbert Hafif: 1994-1996. HGLworked with nationally renowned trial attorney Herbert Hafif, who ran for Governor of California in 1974 and is the "Outstanding President" in the history of the California Trial Lawyers Association. Forbes Magazine, 1989 seconds wealthiest attorney in the nation. HGL clerked under Herbert Hafif and handled trial preparation and trial assistance, research and writing, law and motion, pleadings and discovery in cases involving catastrophic personal injury, complex business litigation, Federal False Claims Act Cases (31 United States Code 3729 – 3733), insurance bad faith, employment and real estate litigation. 



* Civil Trial Attorney: 1999 through the present. HGL has a wide range of jury trial experienced in cases from murder, fraud, insurance coverage to medical malpractice in State and Federal Courts as well as prosecuting class action and mass tort litigation.  




* Trial to Verdict. HGL represented a medical doctor in a case involving fraud in connection with the sale of an elaborate medical practice where $2,500,000.00 in damages was sought to be recovered.  The case was tried in federal district court, Santa Ana. Mr. Long obtained a verdict in favor of his client where the opposing party was represented by a veteran trial attorney retained by the litigation attorney before trial. Mehria Safari, DDS v. Gediz Barnar, DDS; Case No.: 8.8-AP-01415-TA.


*Trial to Verdict. HGL was retained during a jury trial to replace a client's trial attorney after the jury found liability, damages and findings to support an award of punitive damages.  A client was a business being sued on several tort theories for intentionally interfering with the defendant's business and subsequently taking it over. The plaintiff sought millions of dollars in damages from Mr. Long's client, but was only awarded $100,000.00. Mr. Long’s client had offered $400,000.00 to settle prior to the verdict. Saigon Central v. Anh Minh Money Transfer, Orange County Superior Court; Case No.: 06CC09806


*Trial to Verdict. HGL represented a medium sized business that was being sued by a large insurance company involving a complex premium and employee classification dispute which would have financially ruined the business if the insurance company had prevailed.  The case went to trial and Mr. Long obtained a verdict in favor of his client who remains comfortably in business today. Case No: CIVRS1006322; San Bernardino Superior Court; Allied Interstate, Inc. (State Compensation Insurance Fund) v. A.M.P. TREE SERVICE


* Trial to Verdict. HGL received a verdict from an Orange County jury in a tort case that was over double the defendant’s pre-trial settlement offer. Cortez v. Vatkin, Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana


* HGL represented the Coalition to Save the Marina, which served on behalf of over 800 residents of the City of Marina Del Rey. I represented the Coalition against several governmental entities and developers to protect the Marina's environment and rights of the Marina tenants in connection with the use and enjoyment of the Marina. The litigation resulted in a settlement that conferred several public benefits to the Marina tenants including the imposition of numerous conditions on the development of the Marina to minimize any adverse environmental impact and maximize the use and enjoyment of the Marina.

The Coalition also received a substantial sum of money to allow it to further its cause. The Coalition to Save the Marina v. Goldberg & Kest, Los Angeles Superior Court