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Jennifer Diem-Trang Le

Jennifer Le’s Legal Guides

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  • Difference Between Possession of Drugs and Possession for Sales

    These are the basic distinctions between these two common drug charges. The difference between the two can mean a program and dismissal or jail time.

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  • The difference between theft and robbery

    What is a theft? Theft occurs when a person takes another person's property with the specific intent to permanently deprive the other person of that property. A simple example is D enters Target. D

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  • I Got Arrested. What Happens Next?

    Plead guilty or not guilty? The first court hearing is called arraignment. The judge will advise you of what you are charged with. You will plead guilty or not guilty-the latter is advised, general

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  • What are Miranda rights?

    If you are "in custody" and being interrogated, the officer is required to read you your Miranda rights. Essentially, your Miranda rights are that you have the right to remain silent and to an attorney. This means, if you are a suspect in a criminal investigation, you don't have ...

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  • What Should I Do If I Am Pulled over by a Cop?

    Should I Let the Officer Search My Car If the cop asks to search your car, politely say no. It is your right to not consent to this search, no matter what the officer says or wants. You have the ri

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