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Bruce Leonard Beal

Bruce Beal’s Legal Guides

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  • How Do I Find a Qualified Attorney in California?

    Ask trustworthy persons, use the internet, check Cal Bar Ideally, you will know one or more trustworthy persons in California in similar circumstances who can refer you to an attorney. If not, you m

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  • The Laws of Leadership (All Businesses Have Risks)

    Business Risk: Employee Claims Successful leadership internally manages risks and externally insures for risks that cannot be reasonably managed. This article assumes that you execute your business

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hourly Fees and Fixed Fees

    The Hourly Fee Traditionally, the most common fee charged by a lawyer was the hourly fee, which is an agreed amount for each hour of time a lawyer works on your matter. There are many inherent risks

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  • Controlling Legal Costs: The Contingency Fee

    Contingency Fee Description A "contingency fee" is normally based on an agreed percentage of the money recovered by your lawyer for you as a result of negotiation or trial. It is used in situations

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  • Controlling Legal Fees

    Controlling Legal Fees: First, Do I Need a Lawyer? Legal fees are among the highest unbudgeted expenses that people incur during their lives. Learning how to control legal fees may result in signifi

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