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Christine Noel Tokarz

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  • In discovery phase of civil litigation, when you are asked to produce documents, can you mail them in place of a formal meeting

    I have a request from the defendant in a pending litigation for the production of documents. I do see where the code of civil procedure section 2031.210 requires me to file a written response. However, it does not specify whether to or not that I ...

    Christine’s Answer

    Generally, yes. If you received a formal written Request for Production of Documents, then the mode of "service" for the Response to Request for Production of Documents (with attachments/exhibits) is via mail. It's a very technical field....discovery, that is...

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  • Quickest way to get an uncontested divorce?

    My wife is in England and I am in USA. We want to get an uncontested divorce as soon as possible. We got married 6 months ago in USA and we don't have kids. She can't come to USA. Thanks

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    "Quickest" and "we want" appear to be the operative words here. If you are interested in expediting the matter, do hire an attorney. Trying to do it alone will cause substantial unnecessary delay and frustration for you both. If she'll sign the documents and you both agree on the division of property and debts acquired during the marriage, then definitely go with an "long-form" (term of art) uncontested dissolution. It fosters no nonsense and you may both sign the Stipulated Judgment resolving the matter. This would be my opinion since she lives in England. For California jurisdictional requirements to be met in this case, you (husband) need to have lived in the State of California for at least six months, prior to filing the PETITION FOR DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE. This "cooperative" process should get you both single six months and one day from the date of service of the Petition. In this case, I might suggest that the "service" of the documents occur by Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt. I also see no requirement for your wife to ever appear in the U.S. in this "cooperative" process. There's another way. It's through default. Speak to an attorney.

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