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  • Honest assessment of my horrible, horrible experience with Sousan Alemansour Myaskovsky

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    She talked a great game on my initial consultation. She was very aggressive and seemed like just the right person to handle the case, she was understanding of my issues and started talking about what we could do. Although she seemed a bit cold at the time, I figured this is just how lawyers are and against my better judgment, I signed a contract with her and gave her my $2,500 retainer.

    First of all, although her contract stated that she would send me a bill every month, in the sixteen months that I was her client, I received four statements. For the last 9 months of it, I received zero statements. I was obviously concerned about this and very nicely asked her about not received any kind of statement. I said I wanted to know how much was left in the retainer account and that I wanted to budget and see how much more I would need. My inquiries regarding billing were either ignored, or met with actual hostility. On the phone during one very brief conversation, after having had an email about the issue ignored, I very meekly stated that I hadn’t received any bills and when I could expect it. She immediately snapped at me, yelling that I was disrespecting her and wasting her time and that she needed to get back to the case.

    Essentially this is how she handled me, with fear, threats and intimidation. My questions were either responded to with one line answers or ignored. The few bills she did send me all contained errors and discrepancies. It’s like she went out of her way to make things as confusing as possible. Wrong balances were carried over from one bill to the next making it near impossible to see the actual amount remaining in retainer. The biggest, most alarming issue was that she changed previously billed line items to higher rates in separate bills, increasing the total amount due and thus decreasing the retainer. For example, in the October bill, she charged $75 an hour for several line items. Then, in the next bill I received (which was in February), those line items had been increased to $250 an hour. I was never notified of this increase and the combined changed was equal to several hundred dollars. This was a HUGE issue.

    These billing issues and my questions were basically ignored for months. I finally sent her a detail email identifying the issues per her recommendations. This email was ignored for 2 months at which time she threatened to drop me as a client

    So basically, she ignored my email about the billing issues, lied about sending me bills, and then basically threatened to drop me as a client in the middle of my divorce. All for daring to question a bill.

    At a certain point in the divorce, dealing with Ms. Alemansour was actually far more painful then dealing with my ex-wife or the divorce itself. I will not even go into her glaring incompetence or unbelievable lack of professionalism. In hindsight, I realize she did NOTHING I could not have accomplished myself.

    I could go on and on for pages about the disaster that was her “representation” but suffice it to say, I STRONLY urge you to reconsider if you’re planning on having Sousan (Soosan) Alemansour represent you. Maybe if you are Iranian she will treat you differently but for me it was an absolutely atrocious experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    I realize that a lot of people are probably dissatisfied with or feel like they’ve been taken advantage of by their attorneys. Reviews like this must be common, full of exaggerations or lies or just angry ramblings. Please know that this is not one of those reviews. Sousan Alemansour is a horrible, unprofessional, incompetent attorney who will cause you nothing but wasted time, money and much heartache and frustration.