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William Donald Chapman

William Chapman’s reviews

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  • Genuine, knowledgeable, and helpful advice

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Bill (William) helped me navigate a difficult situation with a business partner and avoid costly litigation, even though that is his specialty. This speaks to his honesty and care for the client, rather than making a quick buck. I'd highly recommend Bill.

    Consulted attorney
  • A Moral, ethical, gifted attorney governed by truth, fairness and righteousnesses

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Larry

    Mr. Chapman is one of the most gifted and experienced litigators in America. When Mr. Chapman takes on a case, he passionately educates himself beyond the scope of what a typical lawyer would do - he goes the extra mile for everyone. He often says, knowledge and preparation is king. To this day, he still works late nights and even occasionally pulls all-nighters preparing for his clients. I would classify his main attribute to be his passion to serve. While most exhibit some level of "this is just my job," you will never see this in Mr. Chapman; instead, you will experience his, "this is my life and yours" attitude. He is extremely particular about the cases he takes on because he demands honesty with his clients and that their case be a good cause. Mr. Chapman loves to help the little guy. If he believes the case is a good cause, he will take on Goliath companies and Goliath law firms, the bigger the better. He has an extraordinary history and talent for beating the Goliaths with simple Lincoln style logic and truth which goes beyond the obvious. His opponents tend to crumbling from their own guilt and embarrassment. Mr. Chapman cares about all people. He is a very religious man and the most honest I have ever met in my lifetime. His accountability is governed, first and foremost, by his belief in God. With this in mind, we all know that conflict is more financially rewarding for attorneys than peace. The likelihood of an attorney billing more time than necessary is epidemic. Mr. Chapman has lead me down a much different and less expensive legal path than most attorney I've ever worked with. He keeps constant vigilance towards settlement and knows how to put roadblocks up to prevent apposing attorneys from taking financial advantage. He seeks resolution early on and at every possible moment. This has saved hundreds of thousands and helped me and many others keep or get back hundreds of thousands. I personally know a lot of attorneys and have worked with many though the years which compels me to say, hands down, that William D. Chapman is the best of the best.