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Shamoon Aziz Budhwani

About Shamoon Budhwani

About me

Simon Budhwani is the managing partner at Core Law Group, LLP, a six attorney criminal defense, divorce and civil litigation firm serving Southern California.  Mr. Budhwani is well recognized in the legal community and has been awarded numerous accolades, including, being awarded the 2016 Super Lawyer Rising Star Award, the 2015 NAFLA Top Ten Under 40 Award, the 2014 Orange County Metro Magazine Top Lawyer Award, and has been seen on Nancy Grace for his role in the Real Housewives of Orange County custody battle.


Mr. Budhwani does not shy away from a challenge.  He prides himself in taking and winning difficult cases in the family law, criminal and civil litigation arenas.  He lives by two mottos when practicing law: 1) he (Simon) who knows his case file best usually wins, and 2) one must obtain leverage over their opponent.


These two philosophies have been the foundation of Mr. Budhwani success.  A client can be assured that when working on his or her case Mr. Budhwani will know the file and facts of the case better than not only the other attorney, but often the client themselves.   Doing so not only gives Mr. Budhwani an advantage over the District Attorney in criminal cases or opposing counsel in family and civil cases, it also builds immediate rapport with the Judge hearing the case.  When the court asks a question Mr. Budhwani usually has the answer while the other attorney is stumbling through his file. 


Leverage is also a fundamental principle in Mr. Budhwani’s legal practice.  He believes the outcome of all cases, whether big or small, depends on which side obtains and maintains leverage throughout the case. 


For example, in the criminal defense world, the District Attorney, by and through the nature of their job, generally starts with leverage over the defendant.  After all the defendant is the person who is facing criminal prosecution and often a potential jail sentence.  Mr. Budhwani believes that it is his responsibility to sway the power of leverage to his clients benefit.  Surprisingly, there is no secret to obtaining and maintaining leverage:  One must put in the work and make the other side work.  File the necessary legal motions to get the case dismissed or charges reduced. The same principle follows in family and civil cases: Out smart and out work the other side until the case is won or the client obtains a favorable settlement.


These are simple but overlooked philosophies forgotten by opposing attorneys.  Mr. Budhwani does not shy away from taking advantage of such shortcomings on the other side. It is the recipe for winning and in litigation Mr. Budhwani’s clients hire him to do just that, win.


Mr. Budhwani is a recognized scholar earning Dean’s List & Amjur recognition.  He was an editor of the Journal of Juvenile law and is a published author. He has served on the national level as a Sub-Committee Chair for the American Bar Association and locally with the Orange County Bar Association.


In his personal life Mr. Budhwani was once an amateur boxer fighting in the super fly weight division.  He has a passion for cooking, so long as it comes out of a box and has written instructions.  He is deathly afraid of snakes and See's Candies Stores (they remind him of hospitals).


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