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Joseph Torri

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  • California Residency Requirements for Divorce in California

    In order to get a divorce, a married couple needs to meet California's residency requirement. Filing for divorce in California requires that you or your spouse must have lived in California for the prior six months, and the county where you plan to file the divorce for the last ...

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  • Annulment in California - Generally

    "Nullity of Marriage" or "Nullity of Domestic Partnership" occurs when a marriage or domestic partnership is not legally valid. Incestuous or bigamous marriages are never valid. Marriages and partnerships can be "void" if: Force is used, fraud or physical or mental incapacity -...

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  • Legal Separation in California - Generally

    Legal Separations do not terminate a marriage or domestic partnership. You cannot marry or create a new legal partnership with another person if you are legally separated and the divorce is not final. Legal separations are for partners that want to live apart, decide the money ...

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  • Divorce in California - Generally

    A divorce (also called "dissolution of marriage" or "dissolution of domestic partnership") terminates your marriage or domestic partnership. After you get divorced, you will be single, and you can marry or become a domestic partner again. Orders such as spousal support, child sup...

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  • Family-Based Green Cards

    Four Step Broad Overview The forms are not that difficult. That's why many people complete the forms themselves. The first form is I-130 for the Visa Petition. There are extensive instructions to th

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