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Colyn Barry Desatnik

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  • My USC wife can afford me with her yearly income but cant prove this on form I-864 for my adjustment of status based on marriage

    She is an non-active Marine who was deputed to Afghanistan earlier. She then got enrolled into a local school here in US for a year upto Jan 31, 2013 and was being given $2,600 each month as stipend by Veterans department. Her bank statement shows...

    Colyn’s Answer

    You can provide the relevant information in an attachment/addendum to the Affidavit of Support. Be sure to provide the proof. If you are working and living with her, you can include your income as well. You can also include assets. If you are not currently working due to lack of authorization, after you file, you will receive work authorization within 90 days. At the interview, you can then present an amended affidavit to include your income as well. You should not have any problems, but may be better off to have an attorney submit the case and represent you at the hearing. Good luck.

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