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People v. S.A.

Case Conclusion Date: 05.18.2012

Practice Area: Criminal defense

Outcome: Not Guilty Verdict

Description: A young nursing student was alleged to have purchased two firearms within a five month time span in order to assist her fiancé to plan an assault against two women that were harassing the couple. After the co-defendant openned fire on the vehicle the two women were driving, he allegedly handed the gun to her to hide or keep from ever being found. Due to her occupation, she risked losing her training license and the possibility of never being able to become a nurse due to the charges against her. The prosecution’s theory of the assault was largely based on an ongoing feud that centered around a love triangle between the witnesses and defendant. The client was brought to trial on the theories that she aided and abetted the assault with a firearm against two other women in a car during the midnight hours of a cold December evening. After a three-week long jury trial, with over a dozen witnesses that included eye-witnesses and experts on both sides, she was found not guilty by a unanimous verdict and was free to leave that day. DISCLAIMER: THE CASES ABOVE ARE REAL RESULTS OBTAINED FOR ACTUAL CLIENTS OF MR. KASPERO. HOWEVER, INDIVIDUAL RESULTS WILL VARY FOR ALL PERSONS BASED ON DIFFERENCES IN THE FACTS OF EACH PARTICULAR CASE, THE VARIOUS CRIMINAL HISTORIES OF EACH CLIENT, AS WELL AS WHICH JURISDICTION (COURT SYSTEM) THE CLIENT FINDS THEMSELVES IN. THEREFORE, THE RESULTS POSTED ON THIS SITE ARE INTENDED TO BE SHOWN FOR NOTABLE CASE NEGOTIATIONS AND/OR TRIAL VICTORIES. THE RESULTS POSTED ON THIS SITE IN NO WAY GUARANTEE THAT FUTURE, CURRENT, OR ANY FORMER CLIENTS WILL (HAVE) OR ARE EXPECTED TO RECEIVE (OR RECEIVED) IDENTICAL OR SIMILAR ACHIEVEMENTS.

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