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Joseph W Creed

About Joseph Creed

About me

Because I gained more than fifteen years of valuable experience as an engineer, business owner , and real estate professional prior to beginning the practice of law, I tend to have a more cleaer understanding of the legal issues my clients ask me to assist them with. Having faced many of these issues myself in my life prior to becoming an attorney, I have a unique understanding of what my clients are facing which most other attorneys simply don’t have.


I am a partner in law firm which represents small businesses and individuals in transactional real estate matters, transactional business matters, business/real estate and civil litigation, contracts, technology law, intellectual property law, construction litigation, and personal finance matters such as bankruptcy and estate planning. I am licensed and practice in all courts in Washington State and California and we have offices conveniently located to serve clients in and aroud King County, Washington and Los Angeles & Orange, County California.


Our primary goal is to listen and understand the issues our clients are facing and to work diligently to achieve a favorable outcome for them. Partners and attorneys in our law firm have years of experience handling the wide variety of legal issues many of us are forced to confront from time to time. Together, we can find ways to attack the legal issues you may be facing and to find ways to avoid ever having to confront these legal issues in the first place.