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John R Alcorn

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  • Can I travel domestically EVEN IF my deferrred action case is currently pending?

    The USCIS notified me that they have recieved my application and documents on November 14, 2012. They scheduled me for biometrics on Dec. 19th, 2012, rather than waiting until the specified date, I took my biometrics a week EARLIER than the usual ...

    John’s Answer

    Yes, in my legal opinion, you can travel to Florida. John Alcorn, Attorney at Law, Irvine.

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  • LPR married F1 student, when is best to start the petition process? now as an LPR ? or in 4 years when becoming a citizen ?

    Hello, I'm a Legal Permanent Resident, I received my green card on November of 2011 and this November 2012 I married my GF who is a International Student holding a F1 visa with a D/S on her I-94 . Her studies ends 5/2015. We're unsure if w...

    John’s Answer

    You should file an I-130 immediately.
    1. She could well have problems at the POE reentering the U.S. I suggest she should not travel outside the U.S. until getting her green card.
    2. If she remains in status as an LPR, she will be able to adjust.
    Please call my office if you would like a free consultation. John R. Alcorn, Attorney at Law

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  • Does H1 amendment denial void the approved H1B and made the legal status to out of status?

    Hi, My employer applied for H1 amendmnet as USICS gave the incorrect expiry date ( end date has been given as 04/2015 whereas it should be 02/2014)..I was just wondering in case my H1B amendment get denied, will I be out of status? please advice

    John’s Answer

    In my opinion, you will probably be okay, even if the new petition seeking to amend gets denied.

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