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Jennifer McClain Tennant

Jennifer Tennant’s Legal Guides

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  • Maintaining Employee Personnel Files

    Employers should maintain a personnel file on each employee. Not only will this assist you in basic administration tasks, but it will also be helpful in reducing your risk of a claim if your documentation is in order. You should periodically review the files to be sure that they ...

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  • How to Engage in the Interactive Process with an Employee with a Disability

    Have you been notified that an employee at your company has or may have a disability? If so, there are certain steps you need to take. Employers must engage in the interactive process with an employee with a disability to determine if an accommodation is needed for the employee t...

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  • Overtime Exemptions Under the FLSA

    Under the federal FLSA, employees must be paid minimum wage, employees are eligible for overtime pay, and other labor regulations apply. However, there is an exemption from overtime laws for workers that are employed in executive, administrative, and professional positions. Whe...

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  • How to Identify and Prevent Workplace Violence

    Develop a Workplace Violence Policy Every employer should have a policy, preferably in the Employee Handbook, which identifies potential types of violence, sets forth the process to follow if an empl

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  • How to Conduct a Harassment Investigation

    Assign Investigator As soon as management learns about alleged harassment, it should assign a management person to be in charge of a detailed fact-finding investigation. Whoever conducts the investi

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