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Elisabeth Celeste Camaur

About Elisabeth Camaur

About me

Elisabeth Camaur provides the voice of reason, strategy and compassion when you feel that your world is crumbling around you. As your attorney, Ms. Camaur will clearly explain your legal options and work toward creative solutions that meet your family’s needs. Compassionate and caring, Ms. Camaur is also a top notch litigator known for her courtroom skills during court proceedings

Ms. Camaur provides her clients with personal attention. Your case is unique and she understands that the issues in your divorce involve your highest priorities: your family, your children, your home, and your finances.

She not only discuss the divorce process, but the strategy to address your specific circumstances. She provides compassionate service to individuals in need of aggressive representation with family law matters.  You can be confident that your matter is being handled with the utmost skill, diligence and expertise. When your highest priorities are at risk, having the right attorney makes the difference.

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