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Roxana Amini

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  • Bed bugs in yuccas valley ca

    Moved into a single family rental house about two months ago and my wife started getting bites on her legs. I found a bed bug last night and wanted to know whos financial responsible for the problem. We never had a problem with them before.

    Roxana’s Answer

    The fact that you have bed bugs is generally not the landlord's responsibility because the bedding and sheets belong to the tenant. This is different from going into a hotel, where the bed and sheets belong to the hotel. Did the owner furnish the bedding and sheets?

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  • I have a restraining order against me. Will that show up on my passport as I try to get into a country mainly Israel?

    I am going to Israel for a very important meeting and I am worried i won't be let into the country because of a stupid criminal restraining order that I didn't deserve.

    Roxana’s Answer

    I would contact the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, as they will have more information about Israel's policies on international restraining orders. Here is their number: (323) 852-5500

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  • Do I need a Employment Law Attorney? Or is there another direction I should explore?

    My aunt worked for a publicly traded company until she died 18 yrs ago. We got her last check, etc. Corporate Dept still sends info about pension, portfolio, 401k, etc. I got many Retirement & Savings Plan Account Statements (for various periods)....

    Roxana’s Answer

    Did your aunt leave a will or a trust, or name you as a beneficiary of her retirement account? This sounds more like a probate matter. If your aunt left you the subject property in a will, or made you a beneficiary of her trust or her retirement account, you might have a claim for the dividends.

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